What is Glittered With Grace?

Welcome to my little space on the internet! I look forward to getting to know you and hopefully inspiring and entertaining you with some of my real life stories of my crazy, dysfunctional, blessed family life in Texas.

Glittered With Grace will show you my biggest dreams and my greatest fears… I am jumping off a proverbial cliff and hoping I fall into a field of daisies but I know some days it will be a canyon of sharp rocks but have learned that with some glitter and a metric ton of grace, I will come out at the other end victorious

I also have daily struggles with anxiety and depression and my saving graces are God and my family in that order.

Forty something, mom, wife, professional writer with 5 children.  I am multiple hashtags –  #survivor #southern #hotmess #wife #mom #daughterofthehighestgod #princess #queen #daughter #scaredashell #real #highmaintenance #lowmaintenance #depression #anxiety #ifitsbaditshappenedtome #graceaboveall #ifitsparklesiwantit #friend #texan #glutenfree #winelover

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